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At Pearce Brothers we endeavour to make sure the car you buy is fit for purpose at time of sale, by inspecting and servicing our vehicles to the highest standard before they are sold.

However, in your ownership, things will need maintenance, repair and replacement - and at times this can be costly.

It’s just part of owning a motor vehicle whether new or second hand.

The best way to protect your new car is with a Mechanical Warranty.

Pearce Brothers can provide Mechanical warranties for long term peace of mind through our provider, Autosure. You can have your vehicle protected up to 48 months!

About Autosure

Pearce Brothers are one of Autosure’s top dealer groups in New Zealand. We have been working together since 2010 to protect our customers from the financial risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Autosure has been a leading provider of automotive-owner protection policies for the NZ retail motor vehicle industry since 1986. They provide a range of insurance products designed to protect the New Zealand motoring public.

Autosure are committed to treating customers with fairness, respect and dignity.

With a nationwide network of authorised repairers and more than three decades of claims experience, you know you’ll be in safe hands.


Vehicles today are complex and have so many mechanical and electrical components. So Autosure has designed their policies to help protect you and your budget against the cost of unexpected breakdowns.

Autosure mechanical breakdown insurance policies offer comprehensive protection for petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles, with allowances for towing and car hire, and 7 day / 24 hour AA Roadservice. Find out more

Autosure Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) protects you for the repayment of your loan obligations to the financier if you suffer an insured event. The benefits are payable directly to the financier and the policy cover options are specific to your source of income at the time of entering into a credit contract. Find out more

Autosure Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP) protects you against losses that may occur when your vehicle is declared a total loss and the total loss settlement amount paid by your vehicle insurer is less than the outstanding amount you owe to your financier for your vehicle loan. Find out more

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